Taxpayers can now submit information online in response to 9 IRS notices

Taxpayers and tax practitioners can now submit information online in response to nine notices rather than mailing the information, in a change that could potentially help over 500,000 filers annually, the IRS announced.

In IR-2023-29, a news release issued Thursday, the Service said the option will be available to taxpayers who receive one of nine notices, including members of the military serving in combat zones and those who receive credits such as the earned income tax credit (EITC) and the child tax credit.

“This means people can have their issues resolved much faster, including getting refunds to affected taxpayers faster,” said IRS Acting Commissioner Doug O’Donnell.

Taxpayers who receive one of the following nine notices will be able to choose to upload their documents:

  • CP04, relating to combat zone status;
  • CP05A, an information request related to a refund;
  • CP06 and CP06A, relating to the premium tax credit;
  • CP08, relating to the child tax credit;
  • CP09, relating to the EITC;
  • CP75, relating to the EITC;
  • CP75a, relating to the EITC; and
  • CP75d, relating to the EITC and other credits.

Language in the notice will inform the taxpayer to “send us your documents using the Documentation Upload Tool within 30 days from the date of this notice.” The notice will include the link to the tool and a unique access code.

The IRS says taxpayers can open the link in any browser, and then they will input their unique access code, their first and last name, and their Social Security, individual taxpayer identification number, or employee identification number. Taxpayers will then be able to securely upload scans, photos, or digital copies of documents (up to 40 files, with a maximum size of 15MB per file). The taxpayer will then receive a confirmation that the IRS received their documents, and the IRS employee assigned to the case can manage the transmitted documents.

Taxpayers receiving these notices can respond securely to the IRS online at even if they do not have an IRS Online Account, the news release said.

The IRS said it plans to expand the use of this feature to dozens of other notices in the coming months and years. For more information, see IRS fact sheet FS-2023-05. In addition, the IRS says it will offer digital correspondence on a variety of other taxpayer interactions. During phone calls and other live interactions, IRS employees will be able to provide the link and unique access code to the caller.

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