Davis JC Cutler Points out 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Solve Their Problems Differently

Davis JC Cutler

One of the most vital aspects of entrepreneurship is developing problem-solving skills. Davis JC Cutler as the founder and leader of your business, you need to master problem-solving skills to solve the problems of your customers, employees, investors, and partners.

You might be thinking about how entrepreneurs build their problem-solving skills? Do they have natural talent? Or do they get better by years of experience? Either way, it’s a fact that successful entrepreneurs identify and solve their problems differently than others.

In this article, we will discuss 5 ways entrepreneurs solve their potential problems differently than other professional workers. Keep reading the article to know more.

They Start With Identification of the Problem

Some people assume that entrepreneurs are creative inventors who can come up with any product or service-related ideas any time they want. However, that’s not true. Instead, successful entrepreneurs are the ones who start by identifying the crucial problems in the industry or market. 

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who struggle on their journey just because they don’t know how to identify their problems. You just have to open your eyes and look closely at the things that are backlashing you. Once you’re done, you can apply your problem-solving techniques. 

They Don’t Start Fixing the Problems Specifically

When identifying and solving a problem, most people panic and look into the details of the problems. However, successful entrepreneurs think about their problems more generally before focusing on the specific details. For instance, if an entrepreneur’s car gets damaged in the middle of the road, they won’t be concerned about the problems in the engine. Instead, they will accept that the car cannot be driven and find solutions to fix it.

This approach will help you to realize the consequences as well as the difficulty of your current problem. Then you can develop appropriate context to solve it.

David JC Cutler Says That They Remain Calm

As per research, more than 90% of successful entrepreneurs can control their emotions through extreme pressure levels. Don’t confuse this as a coincidence. When you don’t control your emotions while facing a problem, you will make wrong decisions unknowingly. This will ultimately affect your logical side and make you regret it. Additionally, if you make poor decisions, you will damage your image in front of your employees.

Staying calm while facing and solving a problem is not an easy task. It takes a lot of self-discipline and years of practice to achieve. You’ll need some experiences only extreme-stress situations can give you. However, once you master to remain calm, you can solve most problems without worrying. 

They Calculate the Outcomes

Successful entrepreneurs don’t just solve their problems, but also they spend enough time to calculate their efforts and the outcomes. Then try to learn from their approach no matter they experience success or failure. This helps them to make more critical and better decisions soon.

They Distribute and Delegate

David JC Cutler thinks that entrepreneurs are aware that they cannot become successful problem-solvers with their solo efforts. Instead, they seek advice from some specialists who can understand the problem better. When an entrepreneur or leader experiences a tough situation or difficult decision, they typically call a mentor or a person who can provide an efficient solution. 

Entrepreneurs also don’t hesitate to delegate authority to their employees. They also don’t hesitate to spend money on consultants as well as external firms. This helps them to solve difficult problems more efficiently. 


These are the 5 ways entrepreneurs solve their problems differently than others. As an entrepreneur, try to apply new leadership styles along with different levels of critical thinking. This will open a portal of strategies and problem-solving options which will provide you long-term results.

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