David JC Cutler Provides Expert Hiring Recommendations for Entrepreneurs

David JC Cutler

David JC Cutler if you are an owner of a startup or small business. The very thought of hiring new employees could be quite stressful and at the same time pretty exciting. It could be quite thrilling to have the resources and the budget. To hire new employees to join your staff on one hand. On the other hand, your small business is your source of livelihood and your brainchild. Hence, you cannot make any recruitment mistakes that could adversely impact your productivity and success. Here are some recommendations for entrepreneurs for hiring the right people. 

Hiring Tips by Business Guru David JC Cutler 

Focus on Hiring Doers

You need to ensure that you are including go-getters in your team. Your employees should be doers who are not afraid of taking action and who believe. In facing challenges with grit and determination. For instance, you hire an individual for overseeing lead generation and marketing. However, he should be open to the idea of assisting you in administrative work whenever needed. You should focus on hiring people who are versatile and enthusiastic about helping you out. In the initial stages, it is best to hire people who are willing to do whatever job your business demands. Without sticking firmly to their specialized role.

Hunt for People with Passion

Passion could play a pivotal role in taking your business to new heights of glory. When entrepreneurs are looking to hire people, they should focus. On bringing in team members who are deeply passionate about what they do and are willing. To grab all opportunities for growth. David JC Cutler firmly believes that the experience of the candidates is a vital parameter. For consideration, however, you need to go beyond. That and lay more emphasis on the candidate’s passion and interest in the job that they do.

For instance, if you need to choose between a candidate with a decade long experience and expertise. In your line of trade and another candidate with just around four years of experience but who seems to be brimming with enthusiasm. To work for you and be your team member, it is best to opt for the relatively less experienced candidate. Passion should be a key deciding factor here. Choose people who are thrilled to accomplish something new each day. Refrain from choosing people who go about doing their routine job in a stereotypical fashion. 

Cultural Fit Is the Key

You must have decided on the type of culture you wish your small business to be ultimately known for. Must keep in mind that the people who are hiring during the initial stages will probably keep growing with your business and eventually. They are bound to be mentors and leaders. You must ensure that they are being hired for cultural fit irrespective of experience. If you end up employing the services of an individual who is a cultural misfit. For your organization, eventually, he may adversely impact everyone else’s attitude.


Small businesses and startup owners have multiple roles to assume and they have too much on their plates already. They would do best without regretting a hiring decision. Remember to follow both logic and your gut while hiring a new team member. Always give top priority to choosing someone with whom you would enjoy working as a team.

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