David JC Cutler Presents Some Financial Recommendations for Startup Entrepreneurs

David JC Cutler

David JC Cutler starting an organization is the most challenging thing one can ever think of doing. During the last few years, there has been an unbelievable development and growth of the popular startup ecosystem not only in the United States but across the globe. There are far more founders, more startups, and even more industries covered now as compared to before. We are witnessing around 700 to 1000 plus startups every year. So here are a few vital financial tips for budding entrepreneurs and first-time founders. Follow these financial recommendations to avoid unnecessary financial mistakes.

Financial Tips for New Entrepreneurs from David JC Cutler

Regard Cash Flow Management as the Key to Success

Most startups do not succeed or sustain because for a host of reasons. However, the most common reason for the failure of startups is a lack of money. Your startup should have a smooth and consistent cash flow for running successfully. You should be aware of every dollar that is going out and coming in. Keep constant track of your finances. If you fail to keep monitoring your cash flow, you will end up putting your organization in jeopardy. Your business idea could be unbelievably amazing, but it would be fruitless and may go to a total waste if you run out of the necessary capital. Remember to establish a pre-determined budget. Stick to your budget firmly, but allow flexibility to respond to changing circumstances.

Keep Monitoring All Your Expenses & Overall Spending

With a brand new small business or startup, you would find expenses coming up from all sides. Hiring a qualified accountant to keep track of your expenses may not be a cost-effective or viable proposition in the early stages of your startup. Hence, it is a wise move to leverage cutting-edge accounting software for staying organized. It should be a great help in terms of cash flow management, and you could handle tax issues more efficiently. According to business guru David JC Cutler, once your business expands, it is a good idea to hire a professional accountant since accounting will become more and more complicated and intricate with business expansion.

Focus On Establishing Financial Goals

Instead of just insisting that you wish to establish a multi-million dollar organization, you should focus on establishing precise financial objectives or financial goals and break them down into measurable and reachable ones. Daily, weekly, and even monthly goals would go a long way in staying on the right track. You should focus on making tweaks and adjustments that are essential for achieving consistent growth. Could consider setting milestones to achieve along the way. You should keep setting smaller and easier goals to achieve constantly. This should act as a morale booster for you. When you knock out small goals, you could get the confidence to set bigger goals throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 

Restrict Your Fixed Expenses

In the early stages of your small business or startup, it pays to minimize your expenses. The key to sustenance and longevity is keeping all your expenses quite low. You should sacrifice the luxury of a huge lavish office initially or consider doing away with fully-catered meals thrice every day. If you focus on operating thin, you could successfully allocate most of your funds to the growth of your organization. Do not be misled by startups who are illogical and who end up focusing on the wrong things, such as, luxury offices and top-grade amenities.


Focus your attention on building your organization. Hence, it is essential to get rid of personal financial stress. Once you are financially secure, you could remain ultra-focused on growing your business. 

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