David JC Cutler Points Out Three Top Ways to Empower Women Business Leaders in 2021

David JC Cutler

David JC Cutler says, women have proved their mettle when it comes to entrepreneurship and the number of female entrepreneurs in the United States has increased up to 30 percent, contributing 36 percent of all organizations, as per the data provided in the 2012 census. The proportion of women in entrepreneurial roles did shoot up by 13 percent compared to 5 percent for male business leaders.

In this article, women entrepreneurs can follow some of the best tips to make themselves more empowered in 2021. Here is how:

1. David JC Cutler thinks that learning is a continuous process

The key to entrepreneurial success, development, and innovation is nothing but knowledge and experience. All accomplished women business leaders who did succeed were enthusiastic learners. Did you know that CEOs usually read at least 60 books every year? It sounds amazing. In case, you do not have the patience to read so much, you can listen to audio books, attend online classes, or even continue your education to learn more.

You can try resources like Mentorbox that will help you choose the best leadership and business-related books. It also provides webinars and summaries of every book so that you can understand what the book is about and then buy. You can opt for such books that suit your learning needs and style.

2. Avoid dreading failure

When you have entrepreneurial abilities and have a business to manage, not everything will come on a platter. You need to step out of your comfort zone. You may not succeed at the first attempt and therefore, avoid dreading failure. It is a natural process because other women entrepreneurs, who are successful today, have failed some time or the other.

David JC Cutler knows women business leaders, who were affected by pitfalls and challenges. Do not let that happen to you because failure is an unavoidable aspect of success. You need to learn from your failed attempts and rectify your mistakes to succeed eventually. It is better to fail at something you love doing instead of succeeding you abhor. Therefore, learn from your failures and you will succeed in the days to come. That is because you cannot keep failing forever; just keep that in mind.

3. Pay attention to feedback

Customer feedback or client disapproval is essential to improve your business activities. You can also try competitive research to figure out whether your customers are like your products or not. Read blogs, news, reviews, and even interview some of your customers to understand what they like and do not like. Take their feedback seriously and improve your products or services. Focus on negative feedback and ask your buyers what exactly they want from your business and products. If you receive positive feedback, it is great, but do not get carried away by it.


Women business leaders have been successful in the past and they will succeed in the future. All you need to do is apply these tips to empower yourself for building a profitable business. 

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