Questions hold the potential for change but thought without action is defeat.

“It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than it is to
think yourself into a new way of acting.” Anonymous

Each question listed below includes clear action items.

5 questions that can change your life:

#1. What beliefs about yourself are rocks in your pockets?

Change your beliefs, change your life.

List three self-defeating beliefs that hold you back.
Discuss one self-defeating belief with a sage.
Develop a positive behavior that contradicts your self-defeating belief.
Become accountable to report progress to a sage.

#2. What do you dislike about yourself? Like?

Project: Make two columns on a piece of paper. Column #1 – things I
dislike about myself. Column #2 – things I like about myself.

If you like everything about yourself, you need feedback.

Reflection: Which column do you most frequently live in?

#3. How will you evaluate your performance next week?

Set relationship building goals.

Make a list of three people who have contributed to your life. Send
them a thank you note describing their contribution. Better yet, call
them. Even better, deliver a handwritten note to them and ask them to
read it while you wait.

#4. Who do you need to forgive?

When you bring up hurt feelings, who comes to mind?

Write one person’s name on a piece of paper. Record their offenses in
detail. List your emotional responses. Reflect on the person and your
observations. Tear the paper up and throw it in the garbage. If
possible, burn it.

Forgiveness is freedom.

#5. What would be missing if you weren’t here?

List three things that would be missing if you didn’t exist? How can
you spend more time fulfilling your place in the world?

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